Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Measure of Mercy

After many months of not writing here.....not for lack of stories to share but an inward struggle to word them in line with my heart.........I am finally back!

Last night has unexpectedly propelled the pen back into my hand hence my sudden return! (with the intention to stay and be a voice once more!)



Thank you for sparing my eldest - my beloved son!

THANK YOU for offering him a chance live, to grow and become a young man!

The small measure of mercy that you held in your hands before him is a seed which will return back to you!


Because I prayed for it!
I prayed for you, a stranger....a man I have never met and will likely never know.....or perhaps I have?
Perhaps I have stood with you in the supermarket line waiting to pay for groceries or have even been a former passenger in the taxi that you drive but I was fortunate to ride with you in better circumstances?
I will now never know who you are or what lead you to pull out your gun but I prayed for you.

I prayed at 4 am in the dark upon my bed with tears like I haven't  pleaded or prayed to God in months....

I prayed God's mercy to flood your life -
For you to encounter truth...for the dark places to be exchanged for light....
I prayed for your family, for your health, for YOUR LIFE!
For your personal situation to be changed...for your protection, for the provision you need.
For you to encounter a GREATER measure of mercy than you  had the courage to show by not pulling that trigger.

Again I THANK YOU....
Because as I held my son in my arms - weeping and trembling at your threats of death...I was not angry...I simply gave thanks that I could still hug him and wipe his tears.

AND in that moment I renewed my commitment.........and I intend to passionately keep it:

MY COMMITMENT TO:  my precious children, to the orphans and abandoned street kids in our ones who have led a life like the one you have right now......

My commitment to love, and reach, and rescue and teach and train them....... TO BE SEEDS OF MERCY

They will be and are part of this generation rising....ones who love and respond with care, ones who exchange the fear and hatred for compassion with action, and forgiveness. Those who realise they can refuse to be imprisoned by circumstances or chained by their experiences, or abuse ....whose hearts are expanded with the capacity to move forward and upward and outward. The chance before them to break out AND from that place of newfound freedom  to then victoriously break into the desperate, broken places with active, beating, responsive hearts and hands that are open and ready to get dirty.....

You will not know what you started at 3 am this early dusky morning...but I will credit you as the one who planted a harvest far, far beyond anything you could imagine.....

....and I will continue to pray for you!

Mercy and Peace be yours today, tomorrow and in the days and months to come!

" Blessed are the merciful....for they will receive mercy!"